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Art Galleries In San Antonio

If you are planning to move to Texas, we highly recommend you to consider San Antonio. It is true that this is not the largest city in Texas but it simply blossomed in the last few years and you are going to love it. San Antonio will wait for you with all the benefits that come with a booming cultural revival, it will impress you with its historic restorations and with the famous River Walk, which has expanded, it will make you feel jolly with its mariachi music and when you’re hungry, there is a burgeoning restaurant scene waiting for you. If you are a big arts loves, there are a few art galleries in the city where you will spend long hours. To begin with, there is the popular McNay Art Museum, where you can admire works of famous painters such as Pablo Picasso or Henri Matisse in the museum’s permanent collections and also works of local artists. In case you are planning to buy some pieces of art for your house, you should try the Anarte Gallery, where there is a wide selection of beautiful works of art waiting for you.

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